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Friday, May 19, 2006

News Flash — Pedro Varela Arrested in Spain

A staunch and courageous Pedro Varela shown handcuffed and taken away by Spanish Thought Police! What was his crime? Publishing books with a politically incorrect opinion, that’s what. In a Spain where sick pornographers are free to publish videos of films of unspeakably degraded women, you cannot publish a book that dares to expose the extremist, Jewish supremacists who push for war with Iran and support the Israeli criminal state! Police say they confiscated 5000 books. That’s B O O K S, my friends, not bombs, and they are books that don’t condone any violence or terrorism such as the popular Hollywood film, V is for Vendetta.

Notice the picture of the arrest of my good friend, Spanish patriot Pedro Varela. Who more resembles a criminal or terrorist, Pedro Varela or the Secret Police arresting him? And what was Pedro’s crime? Publishing books with a revisionist view of the Second World War and critical of Zionist policies in Israel and elsewhere. What were the dangerous items confiscated by the police? Books. In essence, he is being arrested for expressing opinion and/or enabling others to publish their opinion in a non-violent, intelligent fashion. What are the powerful weapons for which they want to lock him in jail? Ideas.

Ladies and Gentlemen, where is the international protest against this violation of the most basic of human rights? Where is Amnesty International, and for that matter where is George Bush and all his talk about freedom and right to people to free speech and expression? Isn’t that now the supposed motivation of the Iraq War , freedom!

Why must the Jewish supremacists seek such suppression and draconian tactics? Could it be that they have no answer to Pedro Varela’s elegant arguments and reason and thus must try to intimidate, harm and hurt this well spoken philosopher and writer? What you see in the photo is the real picture of terrorism, the state kidnapping and imprisoning a citizen for daring to publish politically incorrect books. Thought police rounding up books as you would see in some science fiction novel or in artistic renditions of totalitarian states.

Make no mistake about it my friends in America and across the world. We are in a worldwide battle for freedom. Our enemies don’t any longer even pretend to believe in free speech when it comes to those who challenge their power. And that power now leads directly to the human and worldwide catastrophe of the Iran War!

As the effort for this new War for Israel ramps up you will see more and more suppression of our most important human rights!

David Irving, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Jurgen Graf, and now Pedro Varela. We are in a war for freedom my friends, a war for the truth.

Please contact the Spanish Embassy and Consulates all over America and wherever you are in the world to this terrible violation of freedom of thought, conscience, and speech. Let Spain know how millions of people will look on Spain if Mr. Varela is not given his freedom.

–David Duke


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